Tips for Writing On Hold Messages

Here are some examples to help you structure your on hold script

On Hold Message 1


Start off by letting the caller know where they called and be courteous...


ie: Thank you for calling __________, one of our advisers will be with you shortly.


ie: Thank you for calling _________. In order to connect you to the right department, please choose from the following options: For General Enquiries, press 1, For Billing, press 2 and for any other enquiries, press 3.

On Hold Message 2

You have just seconds into keeping your caller on hold. Give them something to think about…

ie: Did you know?…as well as providing ___________, ___________ is a sister company of DVD Media Music, a provider of high quality royalty free music, studio talent management and audio production services.
Once you are connected, please ask your adviser for full details.


On Hold Message 3


You may also wish to thank your caller every minute or so and offer additional phone choice....

Thank you for continuing to hold, your patience is appreciated. Please continue to hold and we will be with you shortly. If you would prefer to leave a message and get us to call you back, please press 0 at any time.