Chuck Taylor Radio Production House - is the secret weapon your radio station needs. Quick imaging, with an up-to-date style that is custom fitted to your station format.... from Dancehall, Reggea, Top 40 Pop to Retro.


We will provide 15 monthly pieces of the best in various music sweepers, minimixes, beatmixes, rejoiners, show openers, back to music & new music sweepers to push your station foward. We even add a few seasonal elements into some of the monthly download pack; long before the holiday or the start of the season. We will work closely to provide you with the hottest imaging to give you the competitive edge in your market.

Monthly Radio Sweepers, Bits, Rejoiner

  • Please note...we have several payment plans in the drop down menu that are available for you, to help save on your botton line.


    Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive you first monthy downoad link and password to download your purchased items. Then after that, your monthly download will be available on the 1st working day on the each month


    Custom audio (intros, outros, bumpers, general voiceovers, radio sweeepers, custom phone messages on hold and phone prompts):

    If we make a mistake or if you're unhappy with the custom audio we produce for you, we'll recut it (up to 2 revisions after the first version we deliver). Contact us within 48 hours of receiving the initial email notification from us telling you that your audio is ready. We'll revise your audio. By the way, if we don't understand something in your script, we'll contact you before we produce it. Also, if there's an obvious typo, we'll correct it before producing the audio. If you decide to change the script or instructions after we've produced it, we will recut your audio at an additional charge (we'll provide a quote based on the revisions needed).

    Audio editing and Enhancing:

    If there's something you don't like about the audio we edited, added to and/or enhance for you, contact us within 48 hours of receiving our email notification that it's ready. We'll examine your audio and try to improve it if we can, or we'll give you an explanation of why we can't. For example, if you contact us about words (or sections) we missed that you want edited out of your recording, we can definitely take care of that. However, if you contact us about removing a loud thud that covers up some spoken words, we probably can't enhance it any more than we already have. We'll certainly re-examine the audio, but we may not be able to improve it.

    Because of the amount of time we put into a project, we don't offer a refund.

Phone Prompt Payment
Production Monthly Payment
Shows Monthly Payment
$250 USD