Chuck Taylor Radio can buld custom on-hold messages and phone prompts specifically to your business.

Studies have shown, that most callers prefer to hear information while on-hold. When callers hear silence while waiting on-hold, most tend to hang up after one minute because they think their call was dropped. A good phone message while on-hold reduces hang-ups. We can creates custom phone messages on hold and phone prompts (for automatic phone systems) delivered to you within 2-3 day of placing your order. The price for our on-hold products is a one-time price. In other words, there are no additional monthly fees or licensing fees.

Phone Prompts & On-Hold Messages (one time fee)

  • The entire on-hold presentation is up to 6 minutes of royalty-free background music with up to 12 fifteen-second messages. A 15-second message can be up to 40 words in length. (If you write a message that is longer than 40 words, just remember you have a maximum of 480 words to work within the entire on-hold presentation. You could shorten other messages to make up for messages that go over 40 words, or you could write fewer messages.


    Please look at our sample script, located in the on this page and also in the download section....

    Note also that we count a phone number, email address, or web address ( as one word. So "Our phone number is 800-397-4887" is 5 words.


    After you've completed your online purchase, click on the link on the page thanking you for your order. It will take you back to our Script and Instructions form. There ypu can let us know which type of voice you want on your Script and Instructions form.


    Custom audio (intros, outros, bumpers, general voiceovers, radio sweeepers, custom phone messages on hold and phone prompts):

    If we make a mistake or if you're unhappy with the custom audio we produced for you, we'll recut it (up to 2 revisions after the first version we deliver). Contact us within 48 hours of receiving the initial email notification from us telling you that your audio is ready. We'll revise your audio. By the way, if we don't understand something in your script, we'll contact you before we produce it. Also, if there's an obvious typo, we'll correct it before producing the audio. If you decide to change the script or instructions after we've produced it, we will recut your audio at an additional charge (we'll provide a quote based on the revisions needed).

    Audio editing and Enhancing:

    If there's something you don't like about the audio we edited, added to and/or enhance for you, contact us within 48 hours of receiving our email notification that it's ready. We'll examine your audio and try to improve it if we can, or we'll give you an explanation of why we can't. For example, if you contact us about words (or sections) we missed that you want edited out of your recording, we can definitely take care of that. However, if you contact us about removing a loud thud that covers up some spoken words, we probably can't enhance it any more than we already have. We'll certainly re-examine the audio, but we may not be able to improve it.

    Because of the amount of time we put into a project, we don't offer a refund.

Phone Prompt Payment
Production Monthly Payment
Shows Monthly Payment
$250 USD